August Market Patch Notes 1.0

August Market Patch Notes 1.0

August Market 1.0



1. Confirmation of Delivery/Pickup dates for customers through email/text [In Progress - emailed developer of time slot app][Complete 2021 March 20, 9:50PM]

2. Nutritional information/ingredients [In Progress - adding 20+ items a day]

3. Search option immediately visible on mobile 

4. Notes section on checkout for additional information from customer [In Progress - requested assistance from time slot app developer][Complete 2021 March 20, 9:50PM]

5. Preselected product/produce bundles

6. Product descriptions [In Progress - adding majority before full launch]

7. Product tags e.g. Vegan, Gluten Free [In Progress - items are already tagged, if you go to a collection e.g. August Approved, Beverages, Italian etc. you can choose the filters to sort by Gluten Free and other options, they do not display in the product description yet however]



1. "Our Story" has been added, find the link on the second slide of the banner images on the top of the front page.

2. "Site Guide" has been added to help you find the products you're looking for, find the Site Guide by clicking the banner at the top of the page or the menu at the bottom. [Complete 2021 March 21, 1:42PM]



1. Missing product pictures have been added for the most part, the rest should be added within a week or two. We have tried to archive any items that do not currently have photos as that means they aren't in stock anyway.

2. Collection image does not resize properly when on product page (once you click on Made In House you can't see the entire apron.) [Unresolved]



1. Mandatory account sign up has been removed

2. Smaller weight options for some produce items (e.g. shiitake mushrooms)

3. Adding best before dates in descriptions for sales items

4. Created $25 minimum order for delivery rather than charging $10 shipping for orders between $0-$25

5. For many items having multiple options under one item e.g. Bob's Flours is confusing and actually makes updating products and stock more difficult for us so we will be breaking up those collections into individual items. [In Progress]