Endometriosis, painful or frequent periods and how bladderwrack may help

Endometriosis, painful or frequent periods and how bladderwrack may help

"Endometriosis is a major cause of disability and compromised quality of life in women and teenage girls.” It “is a chronic disease which is under diagnosed, under-reported, and under-researched…[and for patients, it] can be a nightmare of misinformation, myths, taboos, lack of diagnosis, and problematic hit-and-miss treatments overlaid by a painful, chronic, stubborn disease.” Pain is what best characterizes the disease: pain, painful intercourse, heavy irregular periods, and infertility. About one in a dozen young women suffer from endometriosis, and it accounts for about half the cases of pelvic pain and infertility."


As a man menstruation is not an area I know much about. However, menstruation/periods as a topic of popular culture and personal relationships has always been common after a certain age. The conversations can range from incomplete to misinformed and rarely seem to be positive in nature.


"Three women with abnormal menstrual cycles, including two with endometriosis, volunteered to add a tiny amount of dried, powdered bladderwrack, a common seaweed, to their daily diet. This effectively lengthened their cycles and reduced the duration of their periods—and not just by a little. As you can see at 3:14 in my video, subject 1 had a 30-year history of irregular periods, averaging every 16 days. Taking just a quarter-teaspoon of this seaweed powder a day added 10 days onto her cycle, up to 26 days, and adding a daily half-teaspoon increased her cycle to 31 days, nearly doubling its length. Furthermore, as you can see at 3:38 in my video, all three women experienced marked reductions in blood flow and a decreased duration of menstruation. For 30 years, subject 1 had been having her period every 16 days, and it typically lasted 9 days. Can you imagine? Then, by just taking a daily half-teaspoon of seaweed, her period came just once a month and only lasted about four days. Most importantly, in the two women suffering from endometriosis, they reported “substantial alleviation” of their pain. How is that possible?"


After coming across this article which is backed by a scientific study we had to see if what it was claiming was true. Or at least we wanted to see if any women were interested as we thought they may be in testing out the claims.


We would like to offer the first 50 people to message us two months worth of daily bladderwrack seaweed to test out these claims and see whether it is something we should carry in store. We are not looking to gather any personal information, after your experience we would ask whether or not you felt like there was a noticeable positive difference in whatever you healing. Nothing more. We are not medical professionals so please check with your doctor before taking bladderwrack seaweed especially if you are pregnant or nursing. 


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