Pippsis Nut Butter Treat Box - Special Gift For Mother's Day

Pippsis Nut Butter Treat Box - Special Gift For Mother's Day

Looking back at end of 2019, that's when the experimentation of our first nut-butter cups started. That one was instantly a hit, Hazelnut Butter Cup, for one it blew Gogan's mind that something so delicious, sweet and addictive actually could be healthy and good for your body - a quite wholesome treat, especially compared to many highly processed and refined sugary snacks out there! From thereon forward, many different flavor combinations has been tested out and absolutely loved and craved for. Another amazing addition was the Wintery Ginger N' Walnut Butter cup, which you can be sure will return to the selection, hopefully very soon.

A lot has happen at Pippsis Heart Happy Kitchen and we have now launched these AMAZING guilt-free treat boxes with our popular nut butter chocolate treats. All are made in-house at The August Market, with lots of love and care. 

They are decadent, sweetened with dates, full of delicious nut butter and chocolate on top. 

Each box includes 6 treats, 2 of each flavour. 

 Decadent Pistachio White Chocolate Cups
These ones are made with dates, roasted pistachio, cashews, white chocolate (made in house!), maple syrup and a touch of sea salt.

 Coffee White Chocolate Almond Cups
The white chocolate on top of these treats is made in-house, using coffee beans from Our Town Cafe, cacao butter, cashews, coconut milk, cacao nibs, vanilla and salt. Dates in the bottom, and with a delicious creamy almond butter center.

 Heavenly Cashew Pecan Butter Cups
The cashew pecan butter in the middle is A TASTE OF HEAVEN. There's no going back after trying these long time favorites! 


Now whatcha waiting for? Head over to The August Market, or order online to get it on your door step, and treat yourself (or someone else?) with these beautiful treat boxes, containing 3 different types of yummy vegan guilt-free chocolate treats. 👌🏼😍