Vegan Creamy Soup Ft. Tingly Spice Mix

Vegan Creamy Soup Ft. Tingly Spice Mix

I made a soup at random, very much inspired by the great food blog poster Radhi (this recipe, and this recipe, both of which I've made many times and recommend trying them out!). Also, check out her website to get inspired by so many delicious recipes here!

I gathered some vegetables I had at hand, which needed a loving hand sooner than later.




I didn't use any measurements but here is roughly what I used: half of a fennel, 1 zucchini, some kale, 1/3rd of a cauliflower, 2 carrots, a stick of celery, a large stalk of asparagus, handful or two of roasted cashews and pistachio nuts, water, Tingly Spice mix, fresh basil and mint. The Tingly Spice Mix is from our neighbouring restaurant Old Bird. It is something else and it is even hard to describe the flavor, really something I've never tried before, such a powerful spice!! Truly leaves your mouth tingling. Definitely a unique addition to your spice rack. I also added vegan butter to a pressure cooker with all the ingredients (except the fresh herbs, which I added in the very end when mixing it all in a high speed blender), pressure cooked it for 8 minutes. After that it was all ready to go into my vita-mixer and blend for a few minutes until creamy smooth

I topped the soup with chopped up pistachios, pinch of salt and lime zest. To go with the soup I made this tasty (and easy to make) flatbread, a recipe I found from Minimalist Baker. Highly recommend checking it out!


Experimenting with vegetables I have at hand it so much fun!! It really helps having tried Radhi's soups before, and kind of understanding some simple basics behind it. For instance, I understand that the nuts is essential for the creamy texture. Zucchini makes a great add for the smoothness too, which is why I wouldn't leave that one out. Other than that, I feel pretty confident when adding whatever else in terms of vegetables. And the spices is just a matter of preference. But believe me - you won't regret adding in the Tingly Spice Mix!!! It is a game changer