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On any page you can filter items by several tags if they apply to any products you are looking at. For example when you are looking at the Italian section you can hit the Nut Free filter to find nut free pesto. There's Plant Based, Refrigerated etc.

Our site currently has 12 Collections to help you find what you're looking for.

  • Made In House - Food we make at The August Market.
  • Locally Made - Food made by people across British Columbia.
  • August Approved - Food the staff at the market love.
  • Plant Based - Food that contains no animal products that we feel is worth noting e.g. lettuce will not be tagged as plant based but Vegenaise Mayo will be.
  • Gluten Free - Food that contains no gluten. For the most part we will only put grocery that is tagged as GF on the label however we may also add things like unlabeled quinoa or buckwheat which have no label but someone may not know is gluten free.
  • For Kids - Food that is branded for children or customers/parents have told us their children love/are willing to eat.
  • Low Sugar - Food that is low sugar e.g. Earth's Own Unsweetened Oat Milk, no sugar e.g. La Croix or low carb e.g. Shirataki Yam Noodles.
  • Low Salt - Food that has relatively low salt e.g. Low Sodium Kettle Chips or no salt e.g. San Remo Organic Beans and Soup.
  • Seasonal - Food that is seasonal like local corn and peaches or egg nog.
  • Organic - Food that is organic like bagged organic carrots or organic coconut milk. We will also make an effort to increase our organic produce selection specifically to include The Dirty Dozen each year and any local organic farmers we can partner with.
  • Cuisines - Food that is part of a type of worldly cuisine. For example if you select Thai it will contain Lemongrass, Green Curry Paste, Coconut Milk, Bell Peppers, Rice Noodles and other items you would use for Thai cooking. We are aiming to include the following cuisines: Latin American, Middle Eastern, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, African, Indigenous and European. We will get more specific as we carry more items from a specific type.
  • Cocktails - Food that you can use to make delicious cocktails e.g. Walter's Caesar Mix, mint, basil, bitters, Fentiman's Tonic, Hoochy Booch Lady Grey etc.



Placing Orders

Pickups are free.

Delivery is free for orders over $50, there is a minimum order of $25, and a $5 fee if your order is between $25-$50.

You can select your time slots for pickup and delivery. Pickup anytime we are open. Delivery is weekdays only.

You can add notes to your order -

  • Picking: "I prefer bananas to be more green." OR "I do not want bananas unless they are completely yellow." etc.
  • Delivery: "Feel free to text me when you arrive and leave the delivery outside my door." etc.



Navigating on Mobile

Click on the three bars to show search bar and categories.

Click on the words to see the products in the entire category.

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